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Scheme Introduction:

From problematic vaccines, expired vaccines to mistyped vaccines, various types of vaccine incidents have exposed problems such as lack of intelligent vaccination and unscientific and unregulated vaccine regulation, which have seriously affected children's health and have become a common focus of society.

Haier U-Vaccine is centered on creating the best user experience, realizing the iterative ecology of human, machine, and vaccines interoperability, overturning traditional vaccine refrigerators with only one-way storage, and creating a series of IoT-enabled devices such as smart inoculation box. Linking the vaccine entrance and vaccine scenario, we realized accurate vaccines matching, transparent and visible vaccines tracking, ensure the last mile of the vaccine is opened and the whole-process traceability of vaccine safety.


Experience-orientated iterative ecosystem of human, machine and vaccine interoperation

Specifically, the Vaccine Network guarantees that the last step of vaccination is error-free through informationization, dataization, and systematization of the four phases of queuing, registration, vaccination, and observation. Before the vaccination, the numbering system at the vaccination site will remind and display the vaccine’s name, the manufacturer's information, and the vaccination location. After arriving at the vaccination table, the nurse will scan the child's "vaccination manual" through the vaccination box, and the small screen of the vaccination box will display detailed information of the vaccine, and then the injection will automatically pop up. If the vaccine has expired or does not match, the injection is frozen in no time and does not pop up. To ensure accuracy and error-free, the nurse will scan the code on the refrigerator again with the injection held, check the information twice, confirm the vaccination method and location, and execute the vaccination.

After the vaccination is completed, the parents can check the "remaining time" on the screen during the 30-minute observation period. After the observation time is over, the parents can leave the clinic by scanning the QR code with the "vaccination manual". Parents can make an appointment in advance and follow up afterwards both through the mobile terminal.


Appreciation of all stakeholders

The experience is formed through IoT-enabled devices and scenarios, and the vaccine ecology is linked with experience so that U-vaccine ecosystem is built . U-Vaccine not only provides professional equipment and software systems for vaccine storage, but also keeps iterating the entire solutions of the vaccination site through linking software, home appliances, home improvement resources, Haier Brothers and other cultural and creative resources loved by childrenall together, to create a safe and healthy vaccination environment for child vaccination, and achieve a win-win situation for all parties.

For example: The safe vaccination scenario solution plus the smart vaccination scenario solution keeps parents from the inconvenience of holding their children to scan the code to obtain the queuing number; The mobile vaccination scenario solution solves the problem that the township vaccination points are scattered and the road is too long; The vaccine automatic storage scenario solution simplifies the tedious access procedures of huge amounts of vaccines in CDC.


Relieve parents: Using the U-Vaccine scenario ecological solutions, the information is automatically matched, right vaccines match right people. Parents can also check the information through the on-site screen or mobile phone, and can track the injection information later, through which the transparency of the injection process information is ensured adequately, and thus people’s worry for vaccination safety issue is effectively reduced.

Delight children: The vaccination site is built like a children's playground, and the vaccination process is orderly and standardized, children’s vaccination experience is largely upgraded.

Worry-free vaccination sites: Through intelligentized and informationized upgrades, the nurses are free from the trivial manual registration procedure and human errors are thus avoided, which makes the vaccination management become more scientific, orderly, efficient and accurate.

Improve government supervision: Vaccines, children, and vaccinators are combined through IoT, the human and vaccines are matched intelligently, and every stage can be traced accurately, which helps government largely improve the level of supervision.

Case Studies

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