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Information about the cookies we use

About Cookies


Cookies are small text files that are stored in a special memory area of your browser. However, cookies cannot be used to start programs or transfer viruses to a computer. Cookies are set when you visit our website or a so-called pixel-code/web beacon causes a cookie to be set. However, cookies can only be read by the web server of the same domain from which they were originally set.

You can also view our website without cookies. Internet browsers are regularly set to accept cookies. In order to prevent the use of cookies by your internet browser, you can deactivate the use of cookies via the settings of your internet browser and delete cookies that have already been set. The help functions of your internet browser tell you how to deactivate and delete cookies in your browser. Please note that the deactivation/deletion of cookies may result in individual functions of our website no longer functioning as expected. Cookies, which may be required for certain functions of our website, are shown below. In addition, the deactivation/deletion of cookies only affects the internet browser used here. For other internet browsers, the deactivation/deletion of cookies must therefore be repeated accordingly.

In addition, there are various ways to prevent the setting of certain cookies either by selecting them in our tracking banner or individually to the respective service provider whose tools we use for certain purposes. We point out the latter possibility to you in direct connection with the respective tool.

Session cookies

As part of the provision of our websites, we use session cookies which we store on your device when you visit our website - regardless of your selection as part of the tracking banner - and which are always deleted automatically when you close the internet browser (i.e. close the program). This enables us to provide you with various functions on our website using the information in the cookies.

We use the following session cookies, which we use for certain functions, which do not contain personal data, for the following purposes:

• to ensure the failure free playback of video or audio content (for example, to play Vimeo or Youtube Videos);

• temporarily store certain user inputs (e.g. contents of a shopping basket or an online form);

• improvement of user-friendliness and statistical range measurement.

Session cookies, which we use for certain functions, with personal data:

• Session cookies that are used to temporarily identify or authenticate a user (e.g. by a session ID to temporarily save the contents of the shopping basket);

Session cookies are automatically deleted after the internet browser is closed, at the latest, however, at the end of the life-span of the respective cookie.

Persistent Cookies

Persistent cookies are cookies that remain stored on your device, even after you have closed your internet browser. We use the information in these cookies to provide you with convenient functions on our website (e.g. to save certain user preferences or for search or language settings), but also to collect your usage behaviour on our website and to use this information to improve our website (e.g. to detect errors) and to personalise advertising for you.

Persistent cookies with personal data to collect your usage behaviour are only processed with your consent, which you can give us the first time you visit our website via the tracking-banner displayed there. You can revoke your consent to the processing of your usage behaviour at any time by deleting all cookies set in your internet browser. In this case, however, it may be necessary to make a new decision about using cookies for the aformentonied purpose via the tracking-banner. You can also revoke your consent to individual web analytics/marketing tools, as shown herinafter.

Data from persistent cookies are stored until the end of the term of the respective cookie or until the cookies are deleted by you.