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Scheme Introduction:

In the area of biobanks, through the combination of cryogenic storage and IoT manage system, Haier Biomedical realizes the three-way real-time interaction of human, machines and sample. Our solutions can not only effectively monitor and control samples temperature and operating status of equipment, but also meet users’ requirements for accurate samples positioning, rechecking and quick arrangement, which largely improves the accuracy and efficiency of biological samples management and boosts the sample management revolution.

Experience-orientated ecosystem of three-way real-time interaction of human, machines and samples

With help of IoT technology, we realize high-efficiency management of stored samples and the relevant information. Meantime we establish biological sample sharing platform, normalize the samples storage with uniform standards and enable sample information interchangeable usage in between different substations, through which we can make full use of samples.

From painstaking rummage and manual recording to one-key sync and one second access, the access time is reduced from one minute to only one second; From offline device to IoT all-time, omnidirectional and multi-screen monitoring self diagnosis, reliable 24 hours control will safeguard samples impeccably; Adopting smart inverter compressor+hydrocarbon refrigeration system, double energy saving, reduce the consumption to single digit.


Aiming at the requirement for Biobank IoT storage, combining cryogenic storage and IoT technology, we released a new generation of Salvum series ultra-low temperature products. Salvum series ultra-low temperature products are equipped with IoT monitoring module and smart IoT samples management system. IoT monitoring module realizes the real-time monitoring and alarms upon sample temperature and equipment operating status. Through installing display module, information storage and processing module and BIMS system, based on storage containers labels attached by end users, through scanning the system will accurately recognize and record the sample storage location, which facilitates users to check and access samples, and reduce workers time consumption when they record location information and check for samples, furthermore, the management system will upload the sample information to the cloud platform, which makes it easy for users to manage samples uniformly, and increases the accuracy and efficiency of samples management.


Appreciation of all stakeholders

Linking industry experts, hospitals, scientific research institutions, biomedical enterprises, governments and other interest-related sides all together, integrating samples collection, samples processing, IoT-enabled devices, joint resources and informalization, extending the applicable scenarios to the upstream and downstream, Haier Biomedical help all stakeholders to achieve user experience appreciation and iterated upgrade.


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